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2 April 2012

Berlin Registration update

Registration for Berlin is ongoing.  There is a complicated, but fairer, system of allocating slots this year so the current stage is really just about getting onto the list for at least one team at the championships.

That said the raw data list is interesting reading.  It seems many colleges had teams of people logging on to try and grab slots (multiple entries for the same institution just 1 or 2 seconds apart means there must have been several people entering the data).  The end result is over 770 institutions on the latest list with 1985 teams. However when you strip out simple duplicates that comes down to around 440 and a quick check of other duplicates (e.g. University of XXX and XXX University) brings it down to 368 institutions and 879 teams.  There are not that many obvious false entries although one twat thought it would be funny to register as "Hogwarts". 

Of these 368 institutions 214 registered the maximum 3 teams but I wonder how many of those were just grabbing the max possible without really knowing how many teams they will send.  It is also likely that some institutions won't be able to come but the majority will.

The new registration process means all institutions registered in the first 3 days will get at least one slot.  After that institutions are allocated second and then third slots (based on past participation) as detailed on  Based on the current registration data it looks like there will be very few second teams and no third teams.

Here is the official post on the tournament website:

Berlin Worlds list of registrations

We are publishing this raw list of registrations (up to about 11 p.m.) so that institutions can see when their data was received and make sure their information is correct.

As contact person named in the registration, you should have received an email from our Participant Affairs Officers John and Dessislava with a modified version of this list. If you think you should have received that email but did not, please check your spam folder. If we seem to have received an incorrect email address, please contact Dessislava.

Please note: this list does not represent an allocation of slots. Due to doubles and rules regarding country representation, for instance, it is not guaranteed that the first x teams registered will be on the final list. The final result will be up shortly after registration closes on April 7th.


  1. "Based on the current registration data it looks like there will be very few second teams and no third teams."

    This sounds impossible. If there are no third teams, then there will be no second teams as well, since second and third teams are awarded at the same time. Clearly if there are second teams, there must be third teams.

  2. I think it's even less than 368. Some universities filed their acronyms and spelled out names in original language besides their proper English versions. And of course, there is #597 Hogwarts from UK.


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